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It all began when I was preparing my youngest son for his Christening. 

My mother had made him a gorgeous Christening gown however I couldn’t find a dummy which was befitting of a little Prince on his special day.  When I looked at the photos afterwards I noticed how much the ugly red and yellow plastic thing stood out against his lovely outfit, and the fact that the chain (which attached it to his clothing) also didn’t match.

So I got to thinking that maybe you could buy funky matching sets somewhere.  Numerous searches of shops and the Internet only brought up funny pacifiers (intended for goofy laughs) or crystal-encrusted bling-bling soothers which weren’t intended for actual use.  But I couldn’t find anything that matched the pictures I had in my head. 

Both of my babies loved their dummies…binkies…soothers….pacifiers…whatever you choose to call them (or wherever you live on the planet).  I’ve always loved fashion, and the idea of a total “look” and wondered why I couldn’t bring these two worlds together.  In 2006 I decided to bring the humble dummy out of the realms of dull practicality and give it a fashionable presence of its own. 

My brand Glambini was born, and with it plenty of ideas to coordinate this functional item with infant and toddler fashion.   The long process began to source manufacturers who could bring my ideas to life, and six long years later I am really proud to be able to present them to you. 

The pacifiers are printed in contemporary designs and patterns, and all feature matching plastic safety chains and clip.  They are designed in Australia (by me!) and manufactured to Australian Safety Standard AS1991-2432.  The plastics are BPA free, and printed with certified safe inks.  The teats are manufactured from food grade silicone. 

I sincerely hope you enjoy putting the final touches on your gorgeous baby’s outfit with a Glambini dummy and look forward to releasing lots of new designs and patterns for you to enjoy!